The Heart Sound, Deep Breathing

The Six Healing Sounds practice involves “tuning in” energetically to the organ. I prefer putting the hands on the organ and establishing a connection between the conscious mind in the consciousness of the organ.

After tuning into the organ, one can make the sound of the organ, combined with the posture, and then allow the hands to float back to the organ. After one round of the sound, take an in-between breath without the sound, smile to the organ, and begin again.

Each sound can be done once, three times, or even six times. Three times per organ is generally the amount that I teach, but any more or any less is OK too. One can also just do one particular organ without doing all of the others.

Focus on Your Breathing

Another daily health practice is to focus on your breathing. Deep breathing is a long-term health benefit of staying present, realizing I’m right here. Right now I’m not in my to-do list. I’m not in my regrets. I’m just here and focusing on my breathing, the gentle rise and fall of your belly. There was a study that went into the heart wing of a hospital and the people with heart issues were breathing very shallowly. They were chest breathers. The healthy people breathe all the way down to their belly. There’s an old Chinese proverb that says “the healthy person breathes from their heels.”

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