The Heart Sound and Smiling

To practice the Inner Smile or the Six Healing Sounds, you don’t need to memorize all the organs right away. If you want to just start with one organ, start with your heart. Or, start with an organ where you might feel pain right now. If your liver’s tight, just focus on the liver. We’re wanting to awaken the consciousness and the awareness and the intelligence of that organ. So just start slow, and then we’ll talk about the practice itself.

In the practice of the Inner Smile itself, you’re going to create a smiling picture and a feeling in front of you. This can be a baby that you like that smiles and laughs; it could be your favorite movie; it could be a puppy or a kitten—whatever it takes to create that feeling of smiling and thankfulness.

See that image in front of you, and let that feeling grow—that smiling, gratitude feeling that we’re going to take through these different organs. So in The Inner Smile there’s a front line, a middle line, and a back line to your body.

The front line, moves from the face, (see the face soften), down to the throat, feel it opening up, to the heart, to the lungs, the liver, spleen, and kidneys.

At each organ you go to, now you’re moving your mind and your awareness, but I’ve found it very helpful to move my hands as I go through and even touch my body so that I’m bringing awareness to it, sometimes it’s hard to get your mind to focus, but if your attention and your hands are there, it really helps. 

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