The Goodness Inside You

The Goodness Inside You

Can you focus on the goodness inside of you? Can you start to identify with what’s good about you? In your physical body, as you’re going through changes of health, sickness, vitality, and aging—there are still good things about that.

With the way you think, the way you believe, your values, there are good things about that. Can you identify with those good things? Can you identify with the successes you’ve had, and see the goodness inside of you that is there, and allow it to grow? As you focus on it, it expands.

What are the things that we are choosing in our lives? Are we choosing happiness? If we say we want peace, are we choosing things that lead to peace? If we say we want wealth, if we say we want good relationships, are we choosing those things? Are we aligning our actions with what we say will make us happy?

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