The Five Elements of Nature

The Five Elements of Nature 

Observing nature, the ancient Taoists saw the interactions of the five phases of energy. The flow of the seasons is the easiest example, the waxing and waning of the moon another. Frozen water, melting ice, steaming vapor, falling rain, and settling water are all examples of phases of matter and energy. 

Knowing the outer world was a mirror of their inner world, they also observed the relationship of the inner flow of five elements. When the kidneys were exhausted from overwork or being over-sexed, the water of the kidneys didn’t feed the wood energy of the liver. If the wood of the liver got too hot, the fire of the heart would burn out too fast. 

Unlike the outer environment, the Taoists knew they could influence the inner flow of five elements. Through diet, specific exercises, breathing, Taoist yoga, and medicinal herbs, they developed a tradition for health and longevity. Finding harmony among the various aspects of one’s inner self results in a fused personality and a high quality energy. The Fusion of the Five Elements is a classic Taoist practice. It can’t be taught over Instagram or Facebook, but the spark can be ignited here. The fires of learning can be fanned. And once a desire for spiritual cultivation awakens, the path unfolds before you. 

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