The Earth’s Alchemy

The Earth’s Alchemy

The Earth is in continually creating and birthing new life. It provides the stability for the entirety of nature to carry out their processes and activities. Even when there is a giant storm, an earthquake, tsunami, etc. the earth is moving back to a state of balance. The sun and moon are partners in the creation process as they revolve in perfect precision. 

We can’t change the patterns of the sun and moon and we are at the mercy of the seasons and the whims of the earth. However, we can align with these patterns. In the winter we can rest, recharge, and stay in more. We can save our periods of activity for the longer days in the summer months. We can align our lives to wake up with the sun and put our work aside at the end of the day. 

I saw a documentary about a devastating tsunami and well before it hit the shore, animals and native tribes people (following the animals) headed for higher ground. In a milder example, my sweet dog gets near us or crawls under a bed an hour before a storm rolls through. My dog also sheds before summer and builds a heavy coat before winter. What else can I learn, if I put down my phone and look at the natural world?

There are a couple of simple Taoist practices for connecting and embodying the earth. If we resonate with the earth, we can ‘piggy back’ on the Earth’s journey as a spiritual being in its evolution. One practice is to stand like a tree. The arms can be raised out to the sides, raised to front, or relaxed to the side. We can also raise our arms like hugging a tree, such as the posture of holding a large ‘yoga ball.’ The key in these stances is to relax the body and have a firm connection to the Earth. We can also imagine tree roots reaching down from our feet, into the ground. And lastly, we can see a small version of the earth resting at our solar plexus. In times of stress or uncertainty, we can tune into that feeling of the earth inside of us. It can be a visualized / actualized anchor inside of us to bring our awareness back to the body and the present. 

More practices in: The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 

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