The Corners of the Large Intestine, Removing Heat from the Body

“A daily routine of moderate exercise (for instance walking briskly) activates blood circulation and movement of the lymphatic system and keeps the body in good shape. It is also good for them to massage their belly every day stimulating the four corners of the intestines: the ileocecal valve (in the lower right abdomen approxi- mately at the midpoint between the navel and the right pelvic bone); the hepatic flexure in the right upper abdomen, (under the bottom
right corner of the rib cage and under the liver); the splenic flexure (in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen under the bottom of the left rib cage); and the sigmoid colon (from the lower left corner of the abdomen between the midline of the abdomen and the left pel- vic bone). Following a healthy diet is also very important.”

-Chi Nei Tsang II, By Mantak Chia

Excess heat in the body can cause chest pain, as well mucous to gather on the walls of the veins and arteries. Using the heart sound (HAAAA) and the visualization in the image can guide excess heat out of the body.

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