The Body’s Thermostat

The Body’s Thermostat

The Taoists believe the triple warmer has an active quality and three parts. The Triple Warmer is not recognized in western medicine, but in Taoist theory it provides an important function. The upper warmer consists of the head, the heart, and the lungs. The middle warmer consists of the stomach the pancreas, the liver, and the spleen. The lower warmer consists of the kidneys, the lower intestines, and the reproductive system. 

Taoist health theory believes the Triple Warmer relates to the hypothalamus. This part of the brain regulates appetite, body temperature, and fluid balance. Taoist meditation and chi kung harmonize and balance the triple warmer. Tuning the triple warmer like a musical instrument or an expensive machines helps the body systems stay in good working condition.

Without an active triple warmer, the head and heart can overheat, leading to excess mental and emotional activity. The kidneys, lower back, and psoas muscle can get too cold and contract. A well-functioning triple warmer acts like the body’s thermostat and keeps different parts of the body at the right temperature. It functions like a heating and cooling system that keeps the rooms of a house at the right temperature. 

Exercises like the triple warmer sound and hand movement help the body function at the right temperature (make the sound ‘HEEEEEEE’ while moving the hands from the head to the reproductive organs.) Chi Kung movements like the Five Animals Frolic and the Eight Pieces of Brocade help regulate the energy of the body. Learn more exercises in: 

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