The Back of the Knee

The Back of the Knee

Toxins gather behind the knees at an acupuncture point called Bladder-54. The bladder meridian starts at the inside corner of the eye, goes around the back of the head, then travels along the spine (on both sides of the body) and down the back of the centerline of the leg. 

Stuck energy along the bladder meridian can cause problems along the entire back of the body. Sitting in cars and office chairs further causes energy to get stuck along the bladder meridian and at the back of the knee. Too much use can hurt the knee, but more often stagnation is the cause of knee pain.

One simple self-care technique is to use palm slaps on Bladder-54 at the back of the knee. Standing up, we can straighten one of the legs and slap the back of the knee 30-40 times. Then, after rubbing the hands to make them warm, we follow the slapping with massaging the knee on all sides and above and below. Then, repeat on the other knee. 

This simple technique will stretch and open the energy channels that feed the knee. Energy flow will be increased and your knee will feel better. Learn more in:

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    1. You are correct, I have seen it as both! But, I do see it more often as Bladder-40 after I received your comment and investigated again. Thanks for your interaction and for following this blog! -Andrew

      1. thanks, I was just wondering if there was a reason you knew or that meridian changed at some point or why it did, since I too found it both ways. thanks for the response, love your blog

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