Taoist Tendon Exercises

Taoist Tendon Exercises

Taoist Tendon exercises involve a series of moving postures that stretch and open tendons along the major tendon lines of the body. The major tendon lines are the pinkie, thumb, and tendons of the wrist. Tendons are connected throughout the body, so these postures create tendon strength and joint opening for the whole being.

This practice also includes a detoxifying method of gently hitting the tendons with a sock full of dry mung beans. Taoists classically used the mung bean hitter to absorb the body’s heat. After excess heat is removed and the body is detoxified, the tendons are able to absorb higher frequencies of spiritual energy from the Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit, Fusion, and Healing Love practices.

Many energy channels of the body follow the tendon lines. Therefore, strengthening the tendons and corresponding pathways increases energy circulation throughout the body. These exercises move the body while maintaining and increasing a solid connection to the earth. This moves the body as a unit in everyday life, and emotionally it helps the practitioner feel grounded and stable in life’s circumstances.


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