Taoist Healing Love

Taoist Healing Love

When the sex impulse takes over, people may risk everything to express this drive. When the energy is directed in a positive way, however, it can be a strong force for creative energy. When the body and its energy are aroused for sex, the heart, liver, kidneys, etc. muster their best energy for producing life. If this energy is not used to create life, the energy can be wasted. Or, it can be directed into the body for health. This power energy can be expressed in other creative ways, such as the arts, mental activity, physical strength, or toward a magnetic personality. 

In imperial China, the royal court employed Taoist advisors to help the emperor manage his sexual energy. With many wives and concubines, an emperor could easily exhaust his sexual energy meeting the demands of the bed chamber. But, with the advice of Taoists, the emperor could have an active love life and still conserve his energy. 

In teaching women in the royal court, Taoist sages encouraged women to avoid loss of energy through heavy menstruation. The “water energy” of the body tends to flow out and down, making menstruation heavier, leading to an increased loss of energy. By breathing energy up and creating open pathways inside the body, less energy goes out of the body. This is evidenced through less blood loss during monthly cycles. 

A balanced relationship with sexual energy can lead to a life of joy, happiness, and compassion. It can be a way to experience health and vitality, and raise one to the level of genius and success. Taoist practices such as Tao yin can open the hips, kidneys, and psoas to get the energy moving. The six healing sounds can release negative emotions associated with sex. The inner smile meditation can be used to grow positive emotions in and around the reproductive organs. The microcosmic orbit can help direct sexual energy to nourish other parts of the body. And finally, if you are feeling low in vitality or libido, the Taoists have practices for building this energy.  

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