Taoist Advanced Healing Love, Busy Day To-Do

Taoists believe that a lot of healing can occur as energy is reclaimed from stuck patterns in the sexual organs.  Taoist theory explains that sexual energy and patterns are the fundamental aspects of our psychology and energetic makeup.  In many cultures, these are also the most difficult to discuss with other people, and are therefore suppressed.  Iron Shirt 3 practices not only safely release this energy, but allow the practitioner to use the freed up energy to nourish the body.  Modern Taoist teachers use the analogy of recycling old materials to create something new and more valuable. The advanced Healing Love practices should only be learned with a qualified instructor, but then can be practiced alone to take an individual’s chi kung and meditation practice to even higher levels.

When you’re stressed:

-eat something healthy

-find a dog!

-consider how you’re lucky

-slow down

-call a friend

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