Taoism’s Focus? 

What is Taoism and what is its fundamental focus? 

More than just a philosophy, Taoist practices are rooted in disciplines for physical health and longevity. These practices, continually developed over thousands of years, can restore the energy of youth, grow emotional virtues, and begin to awaken deep spiritual potential. In modern parlance, Taoist practices can be seen as a spiritual technology that can help the practitioner learn the pattern of the universe.

Taoist teachings assist people in their lives, while maintaining spiritual growth as the process and the outcome. Taoism helps explain truths of nature directly and encourage one to rely on their direct experiences. Because of this, students of the Tao don’t need to be skeptical or search endlessly for some external truth as defined by others. 

Taoists practices that help one learn as described above: the inner smile, tai chi chi kung, Tao yin, fusion of the five elements, and iron shirt chi kung, to name a few.


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