Over many millennia, Taoists developed practices to understand human beings’ abilities for health and healing. The Taoists embraced good health and a simple life. They improved the physical aspects of their being, along with the energetic and spiritual dimensions of the body.

Being aware of the energy animating all life, the ancient Taoists explored the life force in their own bodies. The physical body is dense and tangible,  but there are many other frequencies of the life force on the energy spectrum.

One method of Taoist meditation is to turn the senses inward, from the physical body to the energetic aspects layered within the body. With experience, the practitioner increases awareness of the life force in the body and the sensation of energy grows.

Through practice and intention, ancient Taoists discovered the pathways of energy in their subtle bodies. These pathways were identified and documented as the energy meridians used in acupuncture and related modalities. 

By working with these pathways and the energy that flowed through them, the Taoists discovered they could encourage the natural healing abilities of the body. When energy flowed through the channels, sickness was rare. However, illness arose when energy was blocked from reaching organs and glands.

Over time, Taoists developed exercises to guide the healthy and continuous flow of energy for healthy and longevity. Examples of these practices today are chi kung, tai chi, tao yin, and many others. 

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