Tan Tien Chi Kung, Opening to Nature

“The rise in interest in Chi Kung as a practice which enables people to take care of themselves and make use of their own innate po- tential to cultivate their health and heal themselves is not surpris- ing. In the process of Chi Kung practice, new forms of conscious- ness/spirit may arise which are able to direct, steer and guide the Chi in new directions.
All genuine transformations have invariably started as small awakenings, subtle wonders that were hardly perceptible.”

-From Tan Tien Chi Kung, By Mantak Chia

“The Chi of the Universe can only be absorbed to the extent that we open our heart to the Universe and extend our consciousness and Chi to it as a token of our love. Only then will it respond. To be effective, mind and Chi need each other, as in the rise of internal pressure. We will only receive the love energy of the Universe to the extent that we acknowledge and honour our love relationship to the Universe.”

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