Tai Chi for Depression

CHINA Hebei Beijing Group of men practising Tai Chi in front of the Temple of Heaven. Peking

“Accumulating evidence suggests that Tai Chi, a popular mind–body intervention that originated as a martial art, can significantly regulate emotion and relieve the symptoms of mood disorders. In addition, the availability of instructional videos and the development of more simplified and less structured Tai Chi has made it a promising low-intensity mind-body exercise. 

“Tai Chi practitioner and researcher Dr. Albert Yeung developed a Tai Chi protocol specifically for individuals with mood disorders: Tai Chi for Mood (Tai ChiM). The Tai ChiM protocol consists of 12 separate Tai Chi moves along with mental focus and deep, paced breathing. Tai ChiM excludes the complex transitions between Tai Chi movements, making it easier to learn and potentially a stronger intervention. A unique characteristic of Tai ChiM is that it focuses more on meditative movements, relaxation, and paced breathing and less on physical strength training. Such characteristics make it an optimal choice for those with MDD and other mood disorders.”


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