Sun, Moon, Earth Alchemy

Sun, Moon, Earth Alchemy

The Taoist Alchemy Meditation of combining the Sun, Moon, and Earth energies is practiced at the solar plexus. The Sun and the Moon deal with our relation to time—our days and our nights, the seasons. These energies also relate to our ancestors that walk/walked the earth and loved their lives according to the same sun and moon.

Taoists believe that balancing these greater energies of water and fire, (the Sun and the Moon), can help with issues relateing your ancestors, or genetic things you may have inherited, emotionally or physically. 

By visualizing the planet earth sphere at our solar plexus, we’re invoking the Earth’s relationship to the sun and moon. In the big picture, the earth has a balanced relationship to the sun and moon. This alchemy meditation balances these energies inside our bodies—by visualizing and feeling the moon, sun, and earth at the solar plexus. As we become more balanced inside, the fluctuation in forces of nature outside will affect us less.

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