Sun and Moon in the Body

Sun and Moon in the Body:

Many Taoist mediations look for connections between the physical body and nature. The sun and moon are the most dominant bodies in the sky. The heart and kidneys are among the most dominant organs in the body. 

One meditation is to mimic the relationship and interaction of the sun and moon in the body. In this meditation, the moon can be seen at the kidneys and the sun can be seen at the heart. Just like a fire below a pot of water can bring it to a slow boil, we can see the sun (energy) set and the moon (energy) rise to meet in the solar plexus. The golden heat of the heart and sit below the silver cool of the moon. 

The interaction of these two energies can create a third energy that radiates out into the core channel and the rest of the body. The mix of the fire and water at this level creates a more neutral, healing energy that can be circulated around the channels and stored in the bones. 

The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching:

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