Stress and the Body, Overview of Alchemy

If you’ve got a system, stress negatively impacts it.

Meditation builds on deep breathing and takes it a step further. When you meditate, your brain enters an area of functioning that’s similar to sleep, but carries some added benefits you can’t achieve as well in any other state, and meditation actually allows you to build greater resilience toward stress over time.  (Read more about the ​benefits of meditation.) Also, the focus on the present moment keeps your mind from working overtime and increasing your stress levels, and from engaging in destructive mental habits such as ​​​rumination. Here’s an article on different types of meditation to help you get started.”

Alchemy is about balance
To understand the map of Taoist alchemy, it is helpful to explain the sequence of practice. At any level, it works with balancing yin and yang and harmonizing the five elements. First, this starts inside the body. Then, it moves to the level of the planet Earth. From there, the alchemist works with these energies at the level of the solar system, then the stars of our galaxy, next the aspects of spirit and matter, and finally merging with the Tao itself. It is worth thinking of this process as climbing a sacred mountain or building a great cathedral. It is done from the ground up and without skipping steps.

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