Strength in Relaxation

Strength in Relaxation: Only from the highest softness comes strength.

Try to loosen tension in the whole body to cultivate the awareness in movement. According to the Tai Chi Classics, use the mind instead of brute force. In life and practice, relax your whole body; not even using an ounce of brute force. If you employ brute force, you restrict the flow of energy through your sinews, bones, and blood vessels. 

This will inhibit your freedom of movement, preventing you from achieving agility, sensitivity, aliveness, circularity, and naturalness. You can have power without force by making use of the energy meridians in the body. Meridians are a network of pathways which transport chi throughout the body. They connect the superficial, interior, upper and lower portions of the human body, making the body an organic whole. 

The meridians are similar to the rivers and streams of the earth. If the rivers are open, then the water flows freely. If the meridians are open, then the chi flows. If the meridians are blocked as a result of using stiff force, then the circulation of chi and blood become sluggish. Hence, your movements will not be nimble, and your whole body will be in a state of disorder.

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