Storing Energy in the Brain?

Storing Energy in the Brain?

The brain can access energies of nature, but it is not safe or easy to store this energy in the brain. The Taoist approach focuses on building the energetic foundation of the human body from the ground up. A strong connection to the earth can be cultivated through the practices of basic meditation, tai chi, chi kung, and standing practices like iron shirt and I-Chuan.

Once the organs, bones, and nervous system can handle and store the energies of nature, then one can start to train the brain to increase its ability to store energy. It can be tempting to start by practicing meditations that focus on opening the crown or the third eye. However, without a connection to the lower centers of the body and the earth itself, this energy is hard to store and will magnify imbalances. Much like wiring a house for electricity, if there is no grounding wire or mechanism to the earth, too much ‘juice’ can blow our circuits, cause insomnia, open our senses, and get the nervous system’s wires crossed.

Taoist masters believe that with training and practice, one can increase the ability of brain cells to communicate with each other and the rest of the body. That the brain can grow new neural pathways and more effectively process nutrients into materials the brain can use. However, amplifying the energy in the glands of the brain Is seen as a more advanced practice for a practitioner with a solid foundation.

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