Storing Energy in the Body

Storing Energy in the Body

The lower abdomen can store energy, transform It from a raw form to a more refined and usable form, and supply it to the brain, nervous system, and other organs. The aim of Taoist training is to integrate the brain, nervous system, reproductive organs, and internal organs. When the brain and reproductive organs generate an excess of energy, this energy can be stored in the lower abdomen (called the tan tien) organs, tendons, and bones.

When the body generates a surplus of energy and it isn’t stored safely in the organs, bones, etc., we end up having to throw it away. It is like preparing a feast for a large banquet, and only one person shows up. Fortunately, at each stage of Taoist practice, there are methods for storing energy in different parts of the body, beginning with the path of least resistance and increasing to more sophisticated methods.

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  1. Thank you for the information!
    What are the processes by which the body creates surplus energy and then stores it?

    1. Good morning, the naturally creates a surplus through food, sleep, relaxation, quiet time, and the process of generating sexual energy. Taoist rejuvenation practices shared on this blog (meditation, chi kung/qigong, tai chi) build up surplus energy to create vitality in the body. The same practices consciously store the energy in the organs, bones, and acupuncture meridians of the body. I hope this helps.. a simple way to start is to gently rub your lower back 30 times in the morning, afternoon, and evening. It will build up vitality in the organs of the abdomen and store the energy there as well. Thanks again for following and writing! -Andrew

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