Start in Your Hula Hoop

Start in Your Hula Hoop

One outcome of a spiritual path is an acceptance of reality and peace with all that it is. A feeling of connectedness with the visible and invisible world is an experience sages throughout time have mentioned. Connectedness can mean many things, including that we see ways to improve the world, but that we accept it as it is.

It’s also important to realize that it is a process. Like any process, there are good days and bad days. A spiritual practice means it takes effort and is developed over time. For instance, it isn’t necessary to compare yourself to a legendary figure like Chuang Tzu or a real figure like Thomas Merton at the end of their journeys when you are at the beginning or middle of your journey. ‘Comparison is the fast track to misery.’

A good place to begin acceptance and feel peace is one’s own body. If we start to experience peace in our body, we can more easily feel connected to other parts of people and nature. Starting in our ‘hula hoop’ allows us to build this feeling from the ground up. Then, the feeling of connection with our world is hard-wired into our very being as our consciousness expands to our environment, our families, and our community.

Instant enlightenment can happen, but slowly building spiritual virtue in the body is akin to investing for retirement, versus hoping to hit the lottery one day. Most over night successes happen after many years of persistent practice.

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