Star Alchemy, Lymph Drainage

Star Alchemy

Star Alchemy involves merging the energies of the star quadrants, the four different aspects of the sky that we see, and then the center, in the head, behind the third eye. The energies of the center of the sky, the Big Dipper and the Pole Star combine in the center of the head (the Taoists call it the Crystal Palace or Upper Tan Tien). 

Afrer merging and blending the energy of the stars in the Upper Tan Tien, we want to bring the combined energy down into the the navel or lower Tan Tien. Here, we can store the energy so it can nourish our organs and infuse our human nature with the energy of the stars. 

The “monkey dancing” posture allows lymphatic drainage. Hold the arms and legs in the air and shake them in place. Stay relaxed and loose and do it for as long as you can, up to two, three, or four minutes. The lymphatic system will drain the dirty fluids to the organs for excretion.

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