Star Alchemy

Star Alchemy

Star Alchemy involves merging the energies of the star quadrants, the four different corners of of the sky that we see, and then the center. One sees the stars of the night time sky in the head, behind the third eye. Through imagination and visualization, the energies of the center of the sky, the Big Dipper and the Pole Star combine in the center of the head.

Afrer merging and blending the energy of the stars in the head, we want to bring the combined energy down into the the navel or lower abdomen. Here, we store the energy at the navel, so it can nourish our organs and infuse our human nature with the energy of the stars. 

Another star meditation is to lay down, close our eyes under the night sky, and imagine each of our cells is glowing vibrantly with a spark of star dust. Yet another star practice is to knock the bones of the arms and legs like we’re knocking on a door. This awakens the bone marrow and creates circulation in the tissue inside the bones. Then, we can see the bones as wide, hollow straws that drink in the star energy of the night time sky, filling the bone marrow with purple star energy. 

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