Stand Erect, Feet Rooted, The Spleen Sound

Stand erect, feet close together and feel the weight distributed evenly on the feet. Relax the neck, the shoulders and the chest. Gradually bring your attention to the navel and send the Chi energy to the navel until you feel a warm fullness there.

-From Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1, by Mantak Chia

Release Worry; Grow Stability. The Spleen Sound.

The Spleen Sound, Whoooo, is performed along with a movement that gathers the energy of earth and applies the pressure of the fingertips into the solar plexus. This movement and breath helps relieve stuck energy or imbalanced temperatures of the spleen or its partner, the stomach. The second part of the movement is the sound “Hooo”, which throws the sick energy out of the body and back to the earth to be recycled. This helps me when I’m worried or when I’ve eaten too much. Give it a try. 

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