Stages in Managing Chi

Jade Xu, Wushu Master
  1. Conserve Chi: We lose energy through many different activities; such as excessive thinking, negative emotions, constantly turning our senses outward, and through misusing our reproductive energies. If we try to increase our chi energy before learning to conserve it, it is like heating our home with all of the doors and windows open. The Taoist Healing Love exercises, self-massage of the senses, and fusion of the Five Elements are all exercise that help conserve energy.
  2. Balance Chi: It is common for people to have extremes of energy in different places in the body. Excess energy in the head can cause too much thinking, excess energy in the heart causes too much emotional processing, cold in the kidneys, small intestines, and reproductive organs requires heat from the rest of the body. The same can happen with excess dampness or dryness. The Six Healing sounds and microcosmic orbit help balance chi.
  3. Transform Chi: Just because we have a lot of energy, it doesn’t mean that it is healthy or harmonious energy. Chi is not only the foundation of physical health, but also the foundation of spiritual health. Taoists want to cultivate positive virtues, such as kindness, patience, wisdom, integrity, and trust. The practices of the Inner Smile and Fusion of the Five Elements, as well as Healing Love help to grow positive virtues and transform raw energy into refined spiritual and virtuous energy.
  4. Increase Chi: Once we’ve done the previous three stages, we are ready to increase the energy in our body by practicing chi kung exercises that build the amount of energy we have. If we don’t first conserve energy, we will lose and waste new energy that we build up. If we don’t perform stage 2 & 3, any energy we build will increase any imbalances or negative emotions we have. Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chi Kung help build chi.
  5. Transmit Chi and Tap Into the Energy of Nature: Research has been done to measure energy transmitted from Chi Kung masters for healing purposes. Taoists practice absorbing energy from different aspects of nature to use in healing. Chi Nei Tsang and Cosmic Healing Chi Kung are both methodologies for Healing others.

Writing inspired by Cosmic Healing Chi Kung 1, by Mantak Chia

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