Spinal Cord Orbit

Spinal Cord Orbit

If you hang around this blog for very long, you’ve heard about the microcosmic orbit. This is the loop of energy that travels roughly from the sacrum, up your spine, around your head, and down the front of your torso back to the perineum. This orbit is made of two channels which connect when the tongue is pressed against the roof of the mouth. 

Today I’ll share a different twist on the orbit that can be a powerful meditation to clean out stuck energy in the spine. The spinal cord is a major conductor and source of fire energy. A strong spine can facilitate clear communication of the nervous system. More esoterically, negative energetic patterns can cling to the spine and gum up the machinery of the nervous systems. This practice can help clear those out. 

In the meditation, we can use our energy to wrap the spine by visualizing a golden cocoon around the spinal cord. We can also form our energy into a pearl and circulate it up the back of the spinal cord and down the spinal cord (inside of the spinal column). One can do this practice 9, 18, or 36 times and then store the pearl in the middle of the body behind the navel. As with any time we perform the microcosmic orbit, massage the lower abdomen in a circular fashion, first one way and then the other. Try it and then take a walk. 


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