Smile and Relax

There is a lot of good inside of you. We all have demons, but we also have the God-ness and goodness inside of us. Try embracing all of the aspects of yourself, not judging them, giving them a voice, and empowering yourself to live the highest/purest/most virtuous version of yourself and all the aspects of yourself. The questions about the origin of souls and over-souls is important and fascinating at some level, but at another level it is just a mental exercise that may not take us as close toward feeling happy as a wet dog shaking water on us after a bath.

Don’t overthink life; just do actions that lead you to better feeling. Look for the good inside of you and let it grow. Find activities that help it grow. Plant a garden, help a neighbor, pick up trash, play music, pick up and gather groceries for an old person you know, watch dogs at the dog park, listen to musicians on the street, watch a sunrise or sunset with someone, visit your family, listen to your favorite music, and call your friends.

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