Simple Practices, Self-Care

One doesn’t want to skip easy or simple  chi kung practices because they help open the body and strengthen muscles, joints, tendons, the nervous system, and energy channels that are the basic infrastructure upon which the energy body is built. One doesn’t want to skip the hard practices because that is also where a lot of growth can occur. Often times our shadow will hide out in the hard-to-reach places of our physical, energy, mental, and spiritual bodies. Once we build a sturdy foundation for our energy body, we can go into the darker reaches of our inner space.

One does not want to skip the simple practices because the Tao itself is simple. It’s nice to think about merging with the planets and the stars, which we will get to in the later chapters. However, without a clear and open body, the energies of the stars or planets can short circuit the practitioner like 10,000 Watts pouring into a 10 Watt lightbulb.

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