Signs of Health


Signs of Health:

-Hands and feet aren’t cold, temperature is normal through the body
-Blood pressure is normal and pulse is even and steady
-Internal organs are functioning properly and in their proper place
-Teeth are shiny and white, gums aren’t bleeding, no cavities
-Body joints are flexible and not stiff
-Ability to laugh at oneself, others, and life
-The tongue is pink and without a pale film
-A confident, loving, positive, and realistic demeanor
-Alert mind that can retain information
-Clear skin, glowing complexion in the face and skin
-A strong voice that is pleasing to listen to
-Calm and clear thinking, steady nerves
-A normal, healthy, and reasonable appetite for natural foods
-Undisturbed sleep and an excitement for life upon waking
-Appreciation for life, possessions, and the present moment
-Ability to think independently; without reliance on dogma, stereotypes, or bias
-Avoid following cults, teachers, groups, political parties blindly
-A desire and willingness to help others and serve the common good
-Life has a purpose and everyday actions are connected to a bigger picture

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