Shake Loose Stuck Patterns

“On the physical level is good to exercise more frequently and wear loose-fitting clothing. This is the time to do stretching exercises to loosen up the tendons and muscles. Emotionally, it is good to develop equanimity. This is because Spring is the season of the Liver, and indulgence in anger, frustration, depression, sadness, or excess emotion can injure the Liver. Furthermore, violating the natural order of Spring will cause cold disease, illness inflicted by atmospheric cold, during summer.” -The Yellow Emperor’s Classic on Medicine

Nature Expands Where there is Lack
Nature behaves like drawing a bow.
When the archer pulls back,
The ends come near and the middle expands.
Nature expands where there is lack, It contracts where there is too much.
Man usually behaves in the opposite way. Instead of finding balance in reducing excess, He plays the game of ‘more’
Until poor health is inevitable.

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