The Inner Smile: $15 for one hour of content

Video Series 1: The Inner Smile. The first series of videos from Full Body Enlightenment instructs viewers on the fundamental practice of the Inner Smile. The inner smile meditation is a practice for turning our attention inward and expressing gratitude to our organs for all the many functions they perform all day, every day.

The Six Healing Sounds: $15 for one hour of content

Video Series 2: The Six Healing Sounds. The second video series from Full Body Enlightenment explains the practice of the Six Healing Sounds. This collection of breathing exercises is meant to focus on the major vital organs and releasing trapped heat, trapped cold, or stuck energy. Students will learn how to practice this powerful and ancient technique in a variety of ways.

The Microcosmic Orbit $15 for one hour of content

Video Series 3: The Microcosmic Orbit. This ancient Taoist exercise was a long-kept secret from the general public. Fortunately today, this wonderful practice is easily accessible to nearly anyone with access to the internet. This meditation connects the two major energy channels in the body that run up the spine and down the center of the torso. The video shows the viewer how to balance the energy in these channels.