Senses, Organs, and Emotions

Senses, Organs, and Emotions

Each sense organ relates to a vital organ in the body. The relationship of the senses, external stimuli, emotions and organs is worth understanding. They all interrelate to the quality of energy in the body. Generally speaking, arrocdong to Taoist medical theory, the relationships are:

-Liver: eyes, kindness / anger 

-Heart: tongue, love / cruelty 

-Spleen: mouth, trust / worry

-Lungs: nose, courage / sadness

-Kidneys: ears, wisdom / fear 

For instance, if we are driving and see heavy traffic and this has a negative effect on us, then road rage will manifest from anger in the liver. If we can practice kindness on our commute and allow others to merge or have our seat on the subway, our liver, eyes, emotions will be healthier. 

Our tongue can be used to spread love, joy, and compassion directly from the heart. However, an imbalanced heart can spew hatred, cruelty, and impatience. 

Similarly, hearing bad news on the tv can make the kidneys fearful. Worrying over things that feel out of our control can cause the spleen and mouth to stress-eat. 

First, notice the emotions. Second, notice what causes them. Third, based on the stimulus, is their another choice? (Let the car merge in front of you instead of speeding up and yelling out your window). Lastly, (and firstly) practice meditation that helps us: choose appropriate responses in life, act from a consistently more spiritual side of ourselves, bridge ‘meditation time’ with ‘living time.’  Over time, as our inner environment becomes more peaceful, our outer environment does too.

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