Senses Filter Negative Emotions

Senses Filter Negative Emotions

Taoist Self-Massage practices clear blockages from the energy channels of the body. These channels relate to the sense organs and corresponding vital organs. While massaging the energy channels, sense organs, and acupuncture points of the body, one can direct regenerative energy up from the reproductive organs and to these specific areas. 

Each sense is related to an organs. For instance:  the nose and lungs, the tongue and heart, the ears and kidneys, the eyes and liver, and the mouth and spleen. Taoists believe these organs store and generate positive and negative emotions. By strengthening the senses, we help to control negative emotions. 

Sense organs face the world first and deal with the stimuli from the outside world. Since they are the first to receive tension, anger, worry, and  fear, the senses can filter outside negative influences before the affect the organs and the nervous system. Strong senses, developed through self-massage and meditation, can strengthen out filters to prevent an overload of outside negative influences. 

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