Self-Massage and Vitality

From ancient times to the present, Taoist Masters have been energetic and youthful, appearing and functioning at younger than their actual ages.

One source of their vitality has been the practice of using one’s internal energy, combined with self-massage, to strengthen and rejuvenate the sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue teeth, skin) and the inner organs.

Energetic self-massage works by clearing blockages from the meridians, or energy channels, of the various senses and vital organs. The senses are connected with the organs which are believed to store and generate positive and negative emotions.

“By strengthening the senses, we help to control negative emotions. Senses are the first to receive the influences of the outside world, such as tension, anger and fear; and, in turn, these outside negative influences affect the organs and the nervous system. Strong senses will help to prevent an overload of outside influences that can negatively affect us.”

-Adapted from Chi Self Massage, By Mantak Chia

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