Please take time to take care of yourself. If we are confident in our own abilities to take care of our health, we can be a healing presence in our community. We’ll feel more positive, stronger, and free. With a better attitude, we’ll create (and tolerate) less drama in our lives. Without unnecessary stress, our organs will calm down and our nervous system will relax. Our state of mind can ripple out into the community and world like a tuning fork. 

A daily routine of clean food, simple exercise (like walking and stretching) will activate the lymphatic system and keep blood circulating. The circulatory system has the heart to move the blood, but the other systems of the body need a little conscious help, such as self-massage and specific movements. Another great habit is to massage the corners of the large intestine. A good practice is to massage the corners of the large intestine in the direction in which fecal matter moves to exit the body. 

The lower right corner is the ileocecal valve where the small intestine joins the large intestine. The top right corner is called the hepatic flexure as the large intestine turns toward the solar plexus and travels across the abdomen. The splenic flexure (near the spleen) is the top left corner, before the large intestine turns down toward the sigmoid colon. Here, the large intestine takes one more turn before pushing fecal matter out of the body. Squatting regularly can also help the body’s plumbing move to facilitate excretion. Certain foods also make it easier for the large intestine to do its job. See what works for you.

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