Rubbing the Points of the Feet

Rubbing the Points of the Feet

One the soles of the feet, there is a point called Kidney-1, the Bubbling Spring point. The kidneys, kidney meridian, bone marrow, and sexual organs are all related. These aspects of our physiology are related to our vitality, longevity, and our overall health. The kidneys are like the batteries of the body and we can keep them ‘charged up’ by keeping them warm and improving the connection between the feet and the earth.

The Kidney-1 points are called the Bubbling Spring because energy springs upward into the body like water bubbling out of the earth. The soles of the feet also connect with the palms of the hands. The hands can be massaged to help balance the upper and lower parts of our bodies. When the Kidney-1 points are open, we feel stable and connected to the earth. When these points are blocked or closed, a person can feel unstable and disconnected from a major source of energy.

Four other points on the feet are worth massaging. First, is Kidney-6, one finger width below the ankle. Next, Spleen-4, is in the indentation behind the third joint of the big toe, on the inside edge of the bottom of the foot. Gallbladder-41, also known as Attending the Crying Child Point, is on the outside-top of the foot, between the fourth and fifth metatarsal bones. Lastly, Bladder-62 is the point on the outside of the ankle just under and behind the ankle bone.

One can practice oself-massage in many ways. First, we can do it every day for 30 days to clear out blockages and then just perform maintenance a few times a year. Or, one can do a little self-massage once a week. Or, it can be part of a daily practice just before seated meditation. 

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