Remember Reality

Sometimes, when we get on a spiritual path, we avoid and even dislike mundane, everyday, earthly activities. When you feel energy moving in your body and a connection with all living things; paying the bills, mowing the yard, even going to work can seem like a drag. Without a connection to the earth and a grounding in reality, many new spiritualists can approach everyday life with avoidance. 

When people look negatively on normal activities and common aspects of humanity, they find themselves in conflict with physical realities. The body feels ignored and becomes ill. Money and material things are pushed away; therefore they don’t accumulate. It’s hard to make an impact in a community that seems “less than.” Ignoring the body can lead to poor self esteem and a disconnection between mind, body, and spirit. Even if it is understood intellectually that spirit is within, it is hard to find because of the split that has been created. 

Taoist teachers practice that the physical body is the foundation on which to build the energetic and spiritual aspects of ourselves. A strong and healthy physical body and clear energy channels allow one to strengthen their energy and spirit. With a weak body, it is hard to concentrate beyond pain or have the strength and discipline for spiritual practices of meditation, Taoist yoga, Tai chi, or internal alchemy. “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” Begin by breathing into your lower abdomen or warming your lower back with the back of your hands. Awaken your body’s intelligence and it can take you a long way on a spiritual journey. 

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