Remember our Dreams

Remember Our Dreams

Why did we start this in the first place?  Did we start it for the money?  Why did we want the money?  The motivation behind our original plans can get lost quickly.  Often, we have dreams of peace, free-time, a better future for our loved ones and us.  Then, the steps we took to get there turn into empty routines that take us away from the very things we wanted to achieve in the first place.  The second job, the fast-track to (future) success, and the overtime cause us to sacrifice a present for a promise someday and a future that doesn’t materialize.

What do we need to stop doing?  What were the original dreams we had; and do our current activities match up with these dreams?

I once heard a speaker say that spiritual growth is a process of “uncover, discover, discard.”  Let’s look at the things that aren’t fulfilling us and let them go.  There needs to be a threshold of sacrifice that we aren’t willing to cross, no matter how exciting the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow may seem.  A place to uncover is the routine or activity where we have to give ourselves multiple pep talks before we go.  A true passion is something we look forward to; where we don’t have to go.  We can then discover how we feel and why we feel that way.  Do we need to discard our perspective and choose a more empowering conversation?  Or do we need to discard the activity altogether?  Connect with the original dream and motivation.  The answer to happiness probably lies right where the path began.

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