Relief for the Head

Relief for the Head

It’s common to have too much pressure in the head. Ceaseless thinking brings energy to the head. The sense organs bring energy into the head. Looking, listening, talking, speaking, and cravings for tastes all bring heat and energy to and through the head. The practices below can bring relief to the head and release excess energy:

Tapping the head: gently knock head with the knuckles, like you’re knocking on a friend’s door in the middle of the night (start with 30 seconds of knocking)

Combing the scalp: use your fingertips like a comb, going from the top of the forehead to the base of the skull (try ten or twenty times)

Massaging the crown: with the finger tips of the middle fingers, massage the top/crown of the head 18-36 times, clockwise and counter clockwise, in a circular fashion (many nerve pathways gather here—Taoists call it the point of one hundred nerve meetings)

Rubbing the occipital: using the thumbs, fingers, ridge hands, or knife hands, rub up and down on the occipital at the base of the skull (10-20 times; energy gathers here as information travels from the spine to the head all day and night. These self-massage techniques help energy move and not be stuck here.)

Try these and please let me know if you feel better! 

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