Relaxation, Letting Go, Surrender

Relaxation, Letting Go, Surrender

In many religions and spiritual paths, it is taught to surrender and let go. What if we interpret this to mean relaxing the physical body? Letting go of tension? Surrendering all those bad memories that are stuck in the tissue? Letting go of the bitterness in the liver? 

Taoist practices emphasize relaxation, letting go, and emptiness. When we relax, the muscles open, the breath is easy, and energy flows. There is no resistance within our being. A relaxed state of being allows creative forces and forces of nature  to flow into us.

Rather than continuing to let go and surrender indefinitely, at some point one can become aware of the forces of nature (sun, moon, forests, oceans, etc) and bring them into the body. It sounds like a paradox, but one remains relaxed and empty, but still open to allow nature to flow through us. Over time, taoist practices teach us to hard wire our bodies into the body of the earth and nature itself. The Taoist Classics say the practitioner then learns to age like the sun and moon.

The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: 

Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 

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