Relax the Shoulders

Sink the Shoulders, Drop the Elbows

During Tai Chi, in the kitchen, carrying things, writing, or other everyday activities, the shoulders should relax and hang downwards. If the shoulders are raised, then the chi rises, gets stuck, energy will not flow easily, and chronic tension can result.

When a lot of energy is in the upper part of the torso, the whole body may feel ungrounded. We may be like a top-heavy sunflower or a tree without deep and strong roots.

Additionally, the torso and shoulders can relax more if the elbows relax and point downward. If the elbows are raised, the shoulders will become tense and this feeling can ripple through the shoulders, jaw, and cranial muscles.

If you think of it, notice where you hold your shoulders and elbows in everyday activities.

Love, Andrew

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