Regrowing Bone Marrow

Regrowing Bone Marrow

The purpose of Taoist Bone Marrow practices is to regenerate the marrow of the bones and increase production of blood cells. The bone marrow practice consists of breathing in energy from sources in nature, circulating hormonal energy through energy channels, gently hitting and vibrating the bones so they’ll absorb more energy, storing the absorbed energy into the bones, detoxifying the skin, and strengthening the nerves and lymphatic systems.

Taoist Bone Marrow practices are said to slow down the aging process by reviving the blood-making abilities of the bones. As the bone marrow grows (or regrows) it pushes out the stored fat that restricts blood cell creation. The practices detoxify the body by helping to eliminate stagnant water in the lymphatic system.

Lastly, iron shirt chi kung and bone marrow nei kung strengthen the organs, glands, and fascia. Ancient and modern Taoists practice methods to build and concentrate sexual energy into the bones and organs.

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