Recharge Your Batteries

Recharge Your Batteries 

Taoist theory tells us that the kidneys help the bone marrow, which helps produce new blood cells. So healthy kidneys = healthy bone marrow. From time to time, we want to say thanks, take a moment of gratitude to tune into our kidneys for all that they do. 

It is helpful to visualize the color of the ocean’s blue around the kidneys. They regulate the water element in our body and they resonate with the water element of the planet. When they’re functioning properly they create the qualities of gentleness and wisdom. 

The kidneys are like the batteries of our body. When they feel flexible and we drink enough water to support them, we feel strong and our batteries operate smoothly. Even though they’re behind us and kind of at the bottom of our torso, we don’t want to forget them. We want to remember our kidneys and breathe deeply so that our lower back expands.

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