Qigong Reduces Fatigue by 39%

Qigong Reduces Fatigue by 39%

In the randomized trial, 154 patients aged 18-55 years who met the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention definition of chronic fatigue syndrome (unexplained chronic fatigue of at least six months duration plus multiple other chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms) were randomized to two groups. 

One group participated in qigong sessions twice weekly for five weeks, with each session lasting 2 hours, along with a recommended 15-30 minutes per day of practice at home, while the control group was assigned to a wait-list.

Subjects in the qigong group demonstrated a 39 percent reduction in their total fatigue score. Practicing qigong for at least 30 minutes on at least three days per week produced better outcomes—nearly twice as great an improvement. 

The qigong movements consisted of 10 forms which were typically performed in the morning as well as a meditation, which simply focused on diaphragmatic breathing and was done at night before going to sleep.

-University Health News, Norwalk, Connecticut (2012).

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