Plan Your Day The Night Before

If you plan your day the night before, and ask “What do I want my morning to look like?” Make that list, whether it’s before you leave the office, or whether it’s before you go to bed, but plan out, “What do I want my day to look like? Who am I going to call?” And let’s put their number there so I’ve got my list for the next day, and I’ve got the information I need.

A lot of people get to work, and they spend the first 45 minutes getting ready. But if you spend a few minutes getting ready, then you can get into your day, kind of hit the ground running, so to speak.

Whatever you see in the last 45 minutes before bed, that’s going to play out through your mind those seven, eight hours you sleep. Before bed is the most important 45 minutes of the day and what you put into your mind before you sleep. The nightly news for instance, isn’t the most uplifting…  The last time I saw it there was a house fire, there was a shooting, accidents, tornadoes. Instead, try inspirational reading or an inspiring podcast; even visualizing your ideal day, week, or month and give our subconscious mind something beneficial to replay all night.


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