Physical Movement in the Workplace

Physical Movement in the Workplace

One organization that heavily focuses on workplace wellness encourages employees to stretch twice a day. The engineer from their company shared that they, for ergonomic reasons, stop working once in the morning and once in the afternoon for stretching. He said, “the deal is, you stop what you’re doing, step away from your machine, or whatever it is you’re doing, and stretch, stretch your muscles, swing your arms. The protocol is nothing textbook, it doesn’t have to be in a formation or a group but just a chance to move around.

An organization in the educational services provides Tai Chi. Yoga, and work station movement for their employees and the students on their campus. 

This movement program seems more structured than the previous organization, in that there are actually classes for yoga and work station movement. In the words of the interviewee, staff are encouraged and taught to move on their breaks instead of sitting; because apparently ‘sitting is the new smoking.’”

Growing a Healthy Workforce: Leading in The Eight Dimensions of Organizational Wellness

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