Pain is Stuck Energy

Pain is Stuck Energy

“There is but one disease and that is stagnation.” -Paracelsus 

When energy doesn’t flow, it backs up in its pathways and causes pain in the tissues. Energy stops flowing properly from injuries, compromised posture, tightness from inactivity, stuck fecal matter in the bowels, and/or many other causes of stagnation. 

Unless the source of stagnation is corrected, the pressure in the nervous system spreads to the fascia, tissue, and tendons. If we’re experiencing and fighting pain, our energy and focus goes down. Resistance to disease and immune functions suffer. When this isn’t corrected, chronic disease occurs over time. 

But wait! Taoist practices to the rescue! A time capsule from 5,000 years ago has been carefully preserved and improved from generation to generation. Chi kung, Tai chi, and Taoist yoga move the body and restore the structure in ways that decrease and relieve stagnation. Learn these practices in The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold

Photo: Chen Zigiang; Chen Tai Chi

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