Meditation and chi kung can cause excess wood and fire energy in the body. These practices build up vitality and health in the body, but they also create heat and new waves of energy that take time to grow accustomed to. Heat can burn out the impurities that cause illness, but too much heat can overcook the organs and increase negative emotions.

The energy cultivated in these practices can be transformed into positive virtues, such as love and kindness. If energy is not consciously transformed for good, it will likely magnify whatever imbalances or unhealthy patterns we have in our body and psychology. Charging up a lot of energy through spiritual practices is a lot like winning the lottery or a sudden inheritance. The windfall will make us more of what we are already.

The path of Taoist spiritual cultivation is a path of slowly growing energy, balanced by cultivating positive virtues. Virtues can be cultivated by practicing the Inner Smile and growing kindness, love, confidence, etc. in the organs of the body. The Six Healing Sounds releases negative energy and shifts long-held unhealthy patterns. Swallowing saliva, gardening, drinking a lot of water, feeling calm and loving with our self and others can help counteract too much heat in the body. Standing chi kung practices allow us to recycle hot and negative emotions into the earth and bring healing energy back into the body. Try it!

The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching:
Transforming Your Lead Into Gold

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