Opening the Orbit

Opening the Orbit 

When we open the microcosmic orbit of the body, the raw energy of the reproductive organs can move into the spine and nourish other parts of the body. As a reminder, the Orbit consists of two of the main channels of the body. One travels up the spine and the other travels down the front of the body. The tongue serves as the connection between the two channels. When the tongue is pressed against the roof of the mouth, it acts like a light switch that turns on the circuit. 

When energy flows freely in the back channel, it connects to other meridians, the nervous system, and can bring vitality to the whole body. The connection with the tongue and roof of the mouth is important to bring the energy down from the head and back to the vital organs through the front channel. Completing the orbit is designed to make the entire body a reasonable temperature. If the head is too hot or too cold and the lions are too hot or too cold, there is an imbalance and it will lead us further from health. 

Lastly, if energy goes up to the head and can’t come back down to the body, the energy will leak out of the sense organs. This is like heating a room in the winter with the windows open. If the sense organs are overly stimulated, they’ll find unbalanced ways to use the energy to try to regain balance. Practice the orbit: Stay grounded, be level headed, and balance the energy in your body.  

The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: 

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